C’mon Sony… you can do better!

For the past three years, I’ve been using a Sony Vaio VGN-TX751P notebook. This highly portable notebook (about the same size as a netbook, yet faster processing power, more memory and bigger hard drive) has served me well, but it has not been able to keep pace with me over the last few months.

So just like any other gadget-loving freek would do, I decided that I would upgrade to the latest notebook from Sony – the X Series Vaio (billed as the world’s lightest laptop).  While I’ve yet to get the laptop fully operational (I only got it yesterday), there are a few things that irk me about it and the way that Sony has offered it to the Canadian market (making me wonder whether Sony really even cares about us Canucks):

  • The only option currently available in Canada is one with a 64GB hard drive. Our friends south of the border have the option of purchasing an X-Series laptop with a hard drive double that size for not much more money.
  • The only colour available to us is black, while it’s available in gold as well in the US.
  • The X-series does not come with an integrated optical drive (one of the reasons why it’s so lightweight), so it would make sense for Sony to offer an external optical drive as an accessory. Of course, our friends in the US are not only offered the optical drive, but are offered a discount on one when purchasing the X-Series (online). Canadian Sony stores don’t even have them available for sale (I had to get one from Best Buy).
  • The other slight irritation is that the Cdn version of the X-Series provides French translations on a number of keys. This was not the case with my TX, so why make it the only option for the X-Series? I speak English and don’t live in Quebec, so why do I need to have French on my keyboard?
  • So you’re probably wondering why I didn’t order the laptop with the bigger hard drive and without the French writing online from SonyStyle.com (the US site)… well, my answer leads me to another issue that irks me. The warranty offered by Sony is only valid in the country from which it was sold (i.e. if I bought it in the US, the warranty would not be valid in Canada and I would have to pay for servicing or any other issues I may come across).

Hopefully Sony is listening and will take the necessary steps to change their ways and perhaps pay some more attention to those of us in the frozen north. Heck, the least they could do is let the sales folks in the Sony store know when they can expect to receive a laptop with a bigger hard drive, other colours and even the external optical drive, which I believe they’ve never had.

So now that I’m done ranting, I guess I better get back to setting up my laptop.


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