Hanging At PodCamp Toronto With Some Cool People, Simple As That

Today I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time some people at PodCamp Toronto who I have been following for quite a while in the social media space: Chris Brogan, Mark Evans and Danny Brown. In particular, Brogan’s presentation was very entertaining … the jokes, chair kicking and free books he gave out to the audience just some of the highlights.

Each presentation was 30 minutes, tops. I actually prefer that format to the longer time slots as it keeps things snappy, the presenters have to get to the point and — to me — it seems to fit better with the “here and now” of social media.

People wandered in and out, sat on the floor, good-naturedly heckled and I found it to be a great networking opportunity, more so than mesh actually, although that was that a cool event too.

And the best part, it was all free. It’s on tomorrow too.

~ John Carson, Consultant (Twitter: johncarson)

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