Nothing Beats Face Time

It’s a cliche, but working from home has its pros — flexible hours, no commute, low overheads etc. One of the cons is the fact it can be pretty lonesome.

I like the interaction of walking into a colleague’s office and doing an impromptu brainstorm (if they have time), or shooting the breeze about campaigns and work during coffee-making stints in the office kitchen. I get a lot of that virtual interaction now via my contacts on Twitter and MSN Messenger, especially if the other party has a webcam.

Yesterday I was downtown at a client meeting, and it was great to immerse myself back in the office environment for a few hours. Today I went for lunch (thanks Ian!) with someone in the industry, and tomorrow I have some casual  meetings arranged at PodCamp Toronto — that looks very cool.

The trick is to keep myself connected to the physical world with interactions such as the above. Working from home is not for everyone, but I’m slowly getting used to it and making sure I get face time with “real” people in addition to the “virtual” ones. Nothing beats watching someone’s reaction and body language when you are discussing some cool new strategy, or trying to work together to solve a problem.

So, if you’re in the GTA and feel like a coffee sometime, give me a shout, I could do with the fresh air!

~ John Carson, Consultant (Twitter: johncarson)

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