My Twitter Wish List

Like most other people who use Twitter, I’ve become a bit addicted. But there are still a few features that Twitter should think about adding to make it an even better (and possible more addictive) microblogging service to use. 


Here’s my wish list:


1)       While Brian Solis just suggested that “120 is the new 140”, it would be great if Twitter excluded the @names of people whose tweets we are re-tweeting  from  the 140 character count.  Same applies for all the #hashtags we use to categorize our posts.

2)      I’d love to see an easy to use/view, alphabetical listing of those we follow/followers so that when we want to @ someone or include them in a tweet, we don’t have to do a search first to figure out their Twitter ID. This would be especially useful since folks have been known to change their IDs. (That said, Twitter’s latest people search tool is much improved).

3)      A re-tweet feature that automatically copies the RT’d tweet into the “What are you doing” window, preceded by an “RT:” would be a great time saver. I mostly access Twitter via the Web, TwitterBerry or Twhirl and to my knowledge, none of them offer this feature.

4)      An easy way to categorize tweets that I have tagged as ‘favorite’ would make life so much easier. I typically ‘favorite’ a tweet when I think it’s something useful to refer to down the road, or something interesting to read at some point. Problem is when you have so many items in your favorite folder it’s hard to find what you’re looking for.


When I started writing this post, I was so sure that I had a lot more wishes than those I’ve listed her. Murphy’s Law says that others will come to mind as soon as I hit the publish key (isn’t that always the case?).


~ Jodi Echakowitz (Twitter:JodiEchakowitz)

5 responses to “My Twitter Wish List

  1. Many people use a GIF or JPG as a background to provide more personal information in the sidebar. A small monitor doesn’t show these information or only half of them, which often looks really bad.

    So it would be great to have a java-script customizable background in HTML with click-able links. Don’t know if it’s doable.

    • I use a JPG image for the background on my Twitter profile page, but I didn’t really think of the consequences (i.e. only displaying some of the details) when folks are using a smaller monitor. I know you can change colours on your profile page, but offering more customizable backgrounds is a great suggestion.
      ~ JE

  2. Item 1 is really limited by the 160 characters allowed by SMS; and Twitter obviously uses 20 of them for their own purposes. SMS does cannot parse out characters to set aside for special purposes (it’s not IP-based packets they’re dealing with when it comes to SMS). Ironically this gets lost on Canadians since Twitter had to stop sending SMS to Canadian mobile numbers for cost reasons.

    Item 3 is actually available on SocialScope (which is only available for BlackBerry).

    And I’d also love to see items 2 and 4.

    • Jim, you make a good point re: #1. And you’re right, since we (Canucks) can no longer receive tweets via SMS, we forget about the obvious character limitations there. Although that reminds me of another wish list item to add – i.e. bring back SMS capabilities for Canada!
      I haven’t tried SocialScope, but will make a point to check it out.
      ~ JE

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