Google Owns Me

I’ve been using Gmail since it started, and can still remember the excitement of sending out beta invites for accounts to friends who didn’t have one. I still get a rush in trying out a new service or application today, striving to keep up with all the shiny new toys that come along every day.

But Google and its wealth of services is not new anymore. I use a ton of them, and rely on them heavily for my personal and professional tasks. I have three different Gmail accounts, rely on AdWords to pay for my hosting costs at my personal and hobby websites, and always turn to places such as Google Maps when I have to meet someone downtown.

Google owns me. I can’t live without these services. Which is why I found Mark Evans’ post about yet another enhancement to Gmail interesting. It means I can now coordinate all my communications through one account. Makes it a lot easier to save time in keeping up with everyone, and all the alerts and e-newsletters that I subscribe to.

I just wish they’d lose the “beta” tag after so long!

~ John Carson, Consultant (Twitter: johncarson)

2 responses to “Google Owns Me

  1. I remember that aspect of gmail too – I switched to hotmail about six months ago after using yahoo and gmail for ages. I find hotmail is best for straight up mail, but yahoo has more connections with other interfaces like flickr, and nobody is taking my firefox away from me! I just found a cool backup addon for firefox called FEBE.


  2. I still have a few Hotmail accounts, mainly for spam traps, but not really a big fan.

    ~ JC.

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